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Baseball in Alice Springs is played Summer season

Summer competitions and activities are conducted during the months between October and March. The Alice Springs Baseball Association has the direct authority over the competitions conducted within the summer season. Competition matches are played at Lyle Kempster Oval for Seniors, Under 17s and Under 15s. Junior matches are played at Jim McConville Oval for Little League, Rookie Ball and Tee-Ball.

Junior Competitions

Tee Ball is a modified form of baseball played by boys and girls aged 5-7 years. A special ball and a tee are used to ensure that the children can learn the skills of the game in a safe and enjoyable environment without the pressures of the adult game.

Active parent involvement and participation in the game is supported.

Alice Springs baseball has a number of Associations that operate junior baseball competitions.

Rookie ball (Age 7-9) and Little League (9-12) competition is played within each age group. All Rookie and Little League games are played on Saturday mornings commencing at 8.00am.

Under 15s play on Thursday night separately to the younger grades.

Senior Competitions

To participate, a player shall be a minimum of 14 years with signed permission from a parent or guardian. Whether you've been playing baseball for all your life or you've only ever been good enough to dream of being a Major League star, there is a team for you to play in. Competition matches are generally played in Alice Springs on Friday nights at Lyle Kempster field.

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